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What is Naiad system?

The purpose of NAIAD is to solve the main issues encountered with satellite data and to provide users with a fast and flexible tool to select and extract data within massive archives that match exactly its needs or interest.

Naiad main features

  • a fast and flexible query system to identify and subset relevant information from a (often huge) satellite data file archive, with respect to geographic and temporal search criteria but also criteria related to the actual geophysical content and properties of the data
  • extraction of the subsetted data to multiple formats
  • online visualization of the data when possible
  • capability to deliver to users customized products (coverage, projection, resolution, format,...) sized to their need, either on a routine basis (for real-time data flow streams) or on-demand (from the archive)
  • support to heavy datamining and colocation applications requiring complex queries over a large segment of a satellite data archive without necessary requiring access to pixel level information.
  • catalogue providing a comprehensive overview of available satellite products, with user-friendly searching capabilities
  • this system shall be open which means queries can be issued by external clients (such as GIS) but also that the system is able to interoperate with other systems (OpenDAP servers, similar data servers) to perform its tasks and provide integrated access to a larger amount of data.