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Naiad project

Find here project description, design documents, help and tutorials for Naiad system.

 What is Naiad?

The Naiad system is a powerful and open framework for the search and discovery within massive multi-mission satellite data archives. It is intended to be used as a data portal in the frame of projects such as Ocean & Sea-Ice SAF, of GMES/MyOcean and many other contexts. It provides unique features such as multi-criteria and content-oriented data queries, sub-setting, re-gridding, visualization and automatic generation and dissemination of customized products directly to users and it is based on existing standards for data exchange (OpenDAP). It greatly facilitates, through advanced thematic indexing of the data content (and not only shape or coverage) the search and extraction of swath data and the implementation of advanced data mining applications.The project section develops the needs and lacks of current systems that led the develoment of Naiad, as well as the concepts we introduced and which are hidden behind Naiad.

How do I use Naiad?

The first way to access to some of Naiad functionalities is to start with the dataminer interface of this web site. It offers just a subset of Naiad core functionalities because of the limitations of web applications, but standalone clients and API (Application Programming Interface) will be made available in the future (2009) for more advanced applications. Even so, using the dataminer may not be straightforward especially when diving into some of the advanced options that are provided. Therefore it is useful to check the concepts behind Naiad and to watch some of our tutorials.

Who did Naiad?

Naiad has been initially developed by the Center for Satellite Exploitation and Research (CERSAT) at Ifremer, which is now one of the largest multi-mission satellite data center in Europe. It was also supported by external partners such as ESA and EUMETSAT.